Friday, February 24, 2012

A Few Good Jewels

Usually when I take photos of my jewelry, it's all clumped together in a small ingredients dish or dozens of strands hanging from the same three wall hooks, which is how they hang in real life - no very good for preservation or for sharing my collection. This time I decided to remove a few of my favorite pieces from the clutter to share. 

I have several vintage necklaces that I've collected over the years at various consignment shops and flea markets. This one here that this owl so beautifully displays is really unique with the white and Easter-egg colored jewels. 

Here are a few more vintage finds. The necklace came from the Brooklyn Flea in Williamsburg in NY, the falcon-esque brooch from the Portobello Road in London and the nautical hoop earrings are my late grandmother's.

These purple jars are vintage too, but the rhinestone bracelets are brand new and made by a very talented lady - my mom! More on the that later... 

Recently I started collecting vintage Italian micro mosaic pieces - pins, brooches and lockets.

Not vintage, but very new. The top pendant with the stones is by the fabulous young jewelry designer Lauren Wolf. If I had more mula, I'd buy many more pieces. The emerald-colored pendant was a recent birthday gift from some of my best friends is my Isabel Marant, a favorite fashion designer. 

Remember those rhinestone bracelets a few photos ago? Well that was just a little preview of the many types of beautiful bracelets my mom can make. Over the years she has desinged and hand beaded bracelets and necklaces, putting in hours of time and creative effort, sometimes working on a pieces for over 40 hours before she deems it complete. And look at the results!

I stuck a few in bouquet, they blend in beautifully!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sending Valentines

Like many of you I love vintage cards and postcards, they are simple and the graphs are, oh, so sweet. This was the little display that I used for the Valentine luncheon I hosted last week.

Can't you see this little guy riding around delivering valentines. I love the pink mailbox!

  I picked out a few of my favorite ones to feature. The ones with the little dark haired girls, they remind me of my own darling dark haired daughter.

Some of the valentines have such sweet messages in them….

Come back to me
Send me a line
It's you I want 
My Valentine

 A valentine tucked in a vintage ice bucket.

Later this week I will be taking off visit my blogging partner daughter in her home town
New York City. That is the best valentines gift of all to be able to send time with Andrea. Hopeful we will be visiting some new places to share with you.

What will you be doing to make your Valentine's Day special?

Did I mention it is also our wedding anniversary on the 14th? So it is a very special day for us.  

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pre - Valentine's Day Luncheon

Valentine's Day what a pretty day to celebrate. Hearts, flowers, pink, red and sending greetings to loved ones what a wonderful day. I had an early Valentine's Day lunch for a group of my friends.  I painted little heart boxes, roughed up the sides for a shabby chic look, added a pretty paper heart and filled it with chocolates. It was served up in a pink champagne glass.

Homemade tomato soup and salad was on the menu for lunch.

The table was set with a mix of my favorite plates patterns, Johnson Brothers Strawberry Fair and Rose Chintz.

I made cutout sugar cookies for one of the desserts.  Hearts with pink frosting and pink sprinkles so sweet, maybe too sweet.

Wish you could have joined us!

Two tips this week from my photography class:

If you are taking outdoor pictures of people and it is sunny, turn your flash on. The flash balances out the bright sun light and helps to prevent dark owl eyes on your favorite people.

Second tip, when editing people or animals do not cut them off at their joints, they will end up looking dismembered. Yikes!

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