Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Roses in Pink

Late June is a wonderful time in northern Michigan, temperatures are in the 70's and everything is really starting to bloom. Last week some of my roses bushes looked just glorious. Somehow last year I missed taking pictures of the roses, so I'm glad I was able to snap a few photos this year.

You may have guessed pink is the color I like for my roses.

These are by far my favorite, they are mind me of old fashion roses. I love how the white fringes on the outside around the pink.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Perusing Chelsea Market

So while my mom has been off crafting, baking and creating in Northern Michigan, I have been excelling at shopping and spending money on crafty-looking things- but I've been doing it at fun places! Do I get points for that? 

I hope so. Here's a little photographic walk-about of one of the places in my neighborhood that I frequent: Chelsea Market. An indoor shopping market, it's full of speciality food shops, decorative home stores and other surprise pop-ups. Below are just a few of the locations I've recently paid visits too. 

Street-side shot of the market.

The Chelsea Wine Vault: an essential stopping point. They give out samples!

Fresh fishes! Yes, it's possible in New York. All their seafood is ocean fresh and delicious. The lobster bisque is dietary staple of mine during the winter. Now, it's hand-rolled sushi by this guy. 

Looks shrimpy. 


Salts from The Filling Station make excellent gifts for the culinary inclined. White Truffle Oil flavored salt and Merlot are two of my favorites. The shop even recommends which foods the salts pair best with it. So knowledgable. 

They also carry similarly flavored oils.

The Tuck Shop: delicious Australian pot pies. 

Coincidentally, a shop called the Nut Shop carries a seemingly infinite variety of nuts...and also chocolates, dried fruits and granolas. There are several outposts of the nuttery, one of which I used to stop at before the movies to pick up snacks. Wasabi peanuts go great with comedies!

Things that look scary but are really AMAZING. There's nothing you can't cut with one of these knives form the Bowery Kitchen. 

You can never have too many wood spoons. 

Between my mom and I we have approximately a zillion of theses colored colanders. 

Get exact!

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