Friday, January 25, 2013


Well so much for the January thaw I wrote about in my last post. I was up at the cottage to enjoy a little of the winter weather and got more than I bargained for. We were having lake effect snow with blinding whiteouts and it was 5 degrees and 15 below windchill. I started out to drive back home but had to turn back, the road conditions were too bad.  I love being in Northern Michigan in the winter except when you need be someplace else and the weather holds you back.

I did snap a few outdoor photos. Here is my sweet little shed nestled in the snow.

 And here it was the shed last summer! When the winter is long and snowy I need to go back and look at summer and gardening pictures to remind myself the snow will eventually melt away. The pink chairs, water cans and flags are packed away. The flowers long gone….. but this a sweet reminder of the summer to come.

Such a stark difference between summer and winter up here but the harsh winters make the summers more special. It is part of the reason I love to spend most of my time outdoors in the summer, you need to soak this up so get thru the long winter! What are you doing to help you get thru the winter?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

January Thaw

I have been on an unintended blogging break. I had to move all my photos to an external hard drive, I was running out of storage space on my computer. After four trips to the Apple store for help I finally have them moved and can access my photos again, yeah!!!! I hate dealing with tech or computer problems, always a little frustrating for me.  Anyway, I can post away now that I have my photos back….

Last week weekend we had spring time in January, the snow all melted and we hit 55 degrees. Anytime the temperature rises above 40 degrees in Michigan shorts start to appear on people, over 50 degrees and the sandals come out. I even saw two tank top sighting!!! But the best sighting of all was the buds on the Lenten Rose in my garden.

I looked back over my spring flower posts from last year and found the Lenten Rose post from last March 17th. It is hard to believe that in two short months the little buds will be in full bloom and looking like these beauties. I can hardly wait!!!!

To me Lenten Roses are magical, they are the first flowers to appear popping out of the snow. But I'll have to wait for those full blooms appear because back up at the cottage the snow is back and it is 15 degrees. I'm dreaming of spring flowers and starting the count down to their full appearance. Have a great weekend!

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