Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Bright and Shiny Holiday Setting

The best gift of all arrived this holiday season my daughter and blogging partner Andrea came home for the holidays! She was able to give me a hand in getting the holiday table set. This year our family hosted Christmas Eve, we just had a few minutes to snap pictures of the table before our extended family arrived…

I don't have enough of any one set of dishes and stemware so we mix and match. Upon further review of the table, it appears we're missing a spoon. I hope we added it before dinner!

The dishes are a mix of Johnson Brothers Strawberry Fair, Rose Chintz and a few others thrown in.

Andrea and I both snapped pictures, we both seemed to focus on the center piece which was a mix of different votives along with new and vintage glass garland.

We hope your holidays were bright and shiny.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pink & White Christmas Continued….

Have I mentioned that pink is one of my favorite colors? So the pink holiday continues with a look at the hutch. Over the years I have collected pink houses, pink bottle brush trees but the best find was the pink reindeer.  

I like to leave the dishes peaking out and embellish with vintage jewels

Aren't the reindeer a wonderful find?

Jewels as tree toppers or as a present under the tree.

The reindeer is the star!


Delightful little houses…….

From our house to yours, hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pink & White Christmas

This year I banished the color red from my tree. I happen to love red, it is a close cousin to pink, one of my favorite colors. But there is not any red in the rooms the tree can be seen from. So this year I focused on pink, white, silver, gold or bronze.  It turned out to be a more cohesive look and flowed better with the rooms.

Every year we buy a tree a little too tall, so we have to lobe the very top off of the tree and there is really not enough room for a tree topper. This year I have a bejeweled bear holding court near the top of the tree.

Years ago I did paper cuttings to add to the tree. To me they are like icing on the cake, they add light and unexpected interest. At one time I had a whole heard of animals but they went missing in the holiday clean up one year. I keep hoping they will turn up, where oh where could they be???

 A little herd of menorah moose.

On the right you can see the hutch decked out with little houses and bottle brush trees. I'll give you a close up look at those a little later……

Despite taking about 30 pictures of the tree, I don't feel any of them captured it's true beauty and sparkle. And of course we are missing the wonderful smell.

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What is your favorite part of your Christmas tree?

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