Monday, August 19, 2013

Garden Before and After

Last week I mentioned I'd share the new garden area that I planted this year. I wanted to add more flowers to the side of the house, reduce the lawn a little more and add an arbor.

This is the arbor in the early spring before the garden was planted around it.


This is the new addition and as you can see it is quite a difference.
This is the view coming from the front of the house.

 If you go to the backyard and round the corner you get a different view, both pretty I think.

The larger hydrangeas were planted on a previous garden improvement project. 

One the right side I added Pink Diamond Hydrangeas, delphinium, daisies, coneflowers, petunias, snapdragons and alyssum. On the left side I planted more Endless Summer Hydrangeas, astilbe, violas and lobelia. The arbor will hold a climbing rose and clematis.

I like rabbits and have them in several spots in the garden. This guy looks a little grumpy, how could he be grumpy among all theses flowers?

This is the climbing rose called Angel Face. I've managed to get a few blooms, my nemesis the deer have been eating them. I love the soft pink color, they are fragrant and smell wonderful.

I like the combination of hydrangeas and astilbe.

 I think it is hard to take photos of the expanded view of the garden. You are fighting sunlight or shade, making it difficult to capture the true beauty. The area is really prettier than I have been able to capture. Anyway, I look forward to next year and having the new garden area fill in a little more.

A big thanks to Kathryn at Make It Pretty Monday for featuring our garden from last week!

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Backyard Relaxation

Summer is the perfect time for relaxing in the backyard.  You just need a comfy spot, a cool drink and a pretty setting. My hubby the Cottage Guy claims I really never sit down for more than a few minutes. I pop up to pull a weed, deadhead a plant or water a drooping plant. 

Here I'm all ready to sit down and flip thru my magazines, hum I forgot my ice tea, oh there is my camera I'll just snap a few photos…. About 45 minutes later I finally sit down. So here is a look at my pretty setting. 

I got this lounge chair last year at an antique show, it was black and didn't really fit in with the rest of the colors back here. Nothing a little painting wouldn't fix. Don't you like the curvy detail in the wheels?

I love these bright pink hydrangeas, I believe they are called Burning Embers.

This is my view when I do finally sit down, a beautiful row of Endless Summer hydrangeas.

We can cosy up to a fire at night.

Next week, I'll take you around the corner of the house and show you my newest garden area.

And yes I do need a blanket, it has still been in the high 60's or low 70's, plus it gets cold under the shade of our big trees. Wouldn't you like to come and sit with me for a bit? 

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