Friday, December 21, 2012

Holiday Pinks and the Tree

The count down is on, only a few more days until Christmas! Just a few last minute things to wrap and the baking is close to being done.  I hope to pick up my sometimes blogging partner daughter Andrea at the airport tomorrow night. Here in Michigan we are on the edge of the big storm coming thru just in time to make holiday traveling difficult for everyone. Up at the cottage we are supposed to get about 18 inches of snow! 

 I have been posting a lot of red accents this holiday season but I use lots of pinks too. The hutch in the dining room is my favorite place to display bottle brush tree, mini houses, santas and reindeer.

The little pink deer were new additions this year, I found those in New York when I went to visit Andrea. I think they fit in perfectly with the little house and bottle brush trees.

Mini angels and vintage jewelry helps to round out the decorating.

I have to stack the houses when I run out of room.

Here comes the tree, I photographed it during the day and tried to do a few night shots.

The tree is mainly white, silver, gold with some pink, I left all the red ornaments packed away this year. I added glass icicles and paper cut outs I did several years ago.

I love to turn the lights down low and sit by the glow of the tree. A green bejeweled bear  sits on top of the tree.

An old fashion Christmas.

A little collection of ornaments.

This santa is ready! I hope you are ready for the holidays too. If not, no worries it is about being with your family or with them in spirit if distance keeps you apart. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Nesting Santas

If you saw my last post on our mantel at the cottage you might have noticed the little santa figures. They came from my collection of nesting santas. They are like the Russian nesting dolls only they are santas. I have about five different sets of the santas and have had them for years.

I thought they would look fun piled in this vintage ice bucket. However, now I am not sure which santas go together! There are five different sets but they all look very similar, I might have commingled the nesting sets now. Oh no!

Santa matches for lighting holiday candles.

I keep saying I don't really decorate with much red but it seems like all I have been posting  this season is red. I think the next post I should move onto the pink side of our holidays.

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