Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Trip to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Last week I went to visit my daughter and part-time blogging partner, Andrea in New York City. On my list of places to visit was the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens which are only a few blocks from Andrea's new digs in Brooklyn. I had tried to visit there another time but found out like the museums, the gardens were closed on Mondays. So this time we headed out on Sunday and the weather was just beautiful, high 60's, sunny and for a change no rain. I always seem to visit when they have monsoon style rain storms, so this was delightful!

The cherry trees were all in bloom and were glorious.

Lots of people were out enjoying the day.

During Hurricane Sandy the Botanical Gardens lost over 100 mature and speciality trees. They are in the process of removing the downed trees.

They are repurposing some of the trees and built a tree house that you could walk thru.

The tulips were in full bloom too, beautiful groupings.

They also had Japanese style gardens and ponds.

The little fishes all swimming together.

 My only disappointment is I won't be there to see their extensive rose gardens bloom!

 Andrea and I had a great visit, meeting some of her new friends, touring the gardens, shopping, pop in at the farmer's market and lots of good eats. We had Korean style tacos from a food truck one day for lunch. The food trucks there are amazing, you can get lobster rolls, gourmet grilled cheese and specialty ice creams just to name a few. I also walked and walked and walked, over 11 miles in one day. If only I did that everyday!

A special thanks to Maria Elena at Our Home Away From Home for featuring our post on the washi tape cabinet. Stop by her party Tuesdays at Our Home.

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