Sunday, September 30, 2012

Shed Decked Out for Fall

Hard to believe it will be October 1st tomorrow, fall really seems to be whizzing by! We had a bright beautiful weekend, blue skies, mid 60's and no rain, perfect fall weather. We spent most of the weekend pulling sad looking plants out of their pots, they were done. But then spent some time decking out the shed with a new look for fall.

This guy looks like he could scare off a few goblins. I just wish he could scare off the deer that are still eating what remains of my plants.

The pumpkins and gourds sign I nabbed for half off at the end of last fall. If only pumpkins were really 5 cents!

Hope to see some of the beautiful fall colors on the trees this week. The trees near the lakes are just starting to turn, it is a little warmer by the water so their colors are delayed. The trees further inland are showing their reds, oranges and golds, making Michigan a wonderful place to be in the fall.

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