Thursday, June 16, 2011


Hello there readers! That’s assuming there are in fact readers as this is our first post. Welcome! This blog is a mother and daughter effort to not only bond between ourselves, but to compare and contrast our somewhat opposing lifestyles. I, daughter, fancy myself a city girl of sorts as I reside in New York City (yes the big one), specifically in Manhattan and even more specifically, in NoLita. That stands for North of Little Italy friends and no, I did not make that up. The acronym is on maps. That is the Broome of the blog – my street, my hood. Mother - my mother coincidentally enough – lives in a slightly different location leading a different lifestyle, one that not too long ago I led as well. It’s not quite country but it is quieter and quite different than this grey metropolis of mine so we’re calling it Cottage. This part time cottage lifestyle exists way in upstate Michigan, on the way to Canada but not quite, in a tiny town on Lake Michigan called Charlevoix. Doesn’t that sound nice?

So to get us started on an easy yet excellent step, we've decided to take the introductions slow by showing just a few bits and pieces of our homes. Guess who's is who's! If you don't get it right well ... clearly your not reading our blog.

A word from Mom: Daughter is a better writer and photographer than I am but I'm going to give it my best shot! A word from Daughter: Not true. 

Fake out! Yes, it's true that is the fair isle of Manhattan, however it's not even close to being the view from my apartment. It's the view from a friend's fabulous Midtown high rise rooftop. But it's a nice intro, right?

This is my actual hood. Not Chinatown, Little Italy, SoHo or NoHo but NoLita. This street runs through all five neighborhoods (depending on your definition of the neighborhoods anyway, it can get fuzzy). Crazy!

My usual subway station. Going downtownnnnnn.

I am a lucky duck in that I actually have a window in my bedroom which receives excellent obviously I cover up half of it with stacks of art and fashion books. Don't even think about mocking the MK and A Olsen book Influence. It has fantastic interviews with fashion mavens in it.

A Missoni designed S. Pellegrino bottle to stick single flowers in, and one of my new favorite books.

My roommate and I collect oodles of magazines.


Our fridge. Pretty standard. We try to keep every note that is written to or by us while living in this apartment.

My ring collection. Some sweet vintage baubles along with some handmade pieces made by moi and mom. The gold sunburst ring is by Digby & Iona, one of my favorite jewelry designers.

More of my jewels and an old photo of a woman whoofing down a slice of Ray's pizza. Ubiquitous city food. Delicious.

Jewels, jewels, jewels. A vintage necklace from a thrift shop in Williamsburg, a camel pendant that's supposed to bring good fortune and a pretty, pretty earring that was my grandma's.

My makeshift closet space. It's superfug and kind of transparent so I try to spruce it up with some photos and the like. And yes, that is an exposed brick wall that you see there. Yes, that does make my apartment awesome. Thank you for noticing. (Mom says, superfug?? Really? Boy, am I out of the loop!)

A close-up of photos and the like - postcard edition.

Inside the cottage, I like old things and new things with charm. Aren't these clock charming? I've never met an old clock that I didn't like.

Gazing balls can be for inside the cottage too! These are now summering outdoors.

 An old style game - way, way before Angry Birds - this can keep kids and adults entertained for hours! I keep them on my coffee table, you'd be surprised at how many adults become obsessed with this.

 I love, love, love vintage dishes.  My favorites are usually flowered with pink and green. Actually, I just love dishes, I have several sets, Fiestaware, turkey dishes for Thanksgiving, blue dishes for the Fourth of July - you get the picture.

 This little guy sits on a ledge in my bathroom guarding all the rhinestone earrings perched there.

Let's move outside...... I love to garden. My clematis is blooming this week, it is glorious!

Isn't it amazing that something this beautiful returns year after year!

Yes, I should have a garden shop, but I don't. This is in front of my shed. I will only admit to planting about 40 flats of flowers or perennials. And did I mention the pots???

How sweet are these violas! I had to lay on the ground to get this shot, my neighbors must think I am a loon.

I like rusty things, the bed springs were a trash pick. I've embarrassed my daughter a few times with my trash picking.

My potting bench, is pink, you will find that pink is a reoccurring theme.

Wouldn't this make a nice home for someone? Hope you have enjoyed our first post! 

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