Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Shoe Thing

So I was watching the Today Show last week (I have it on every morning while I get ready for work and have become weirdly obsessed - I recorded the farewell show and cried when Meredith Viera left - don’t know what’s wrong with me; routines are scary things), and they had a feature on a nice, but possibly crazy lady named Beth Shak who won a boatload of money pro gambling, and has subsequently bought a lot of shoes. Like enough to fill a tiny landfill. 1,200 PAIRS.

Obviously, I don’t have that many shoes. Not many people do. But I do have enough impractical pairs of shoes that my mom seems to think I’m on par with the crazy lady. I don’t really understand what she means by impractical though. I mean, why wouldn’t I need a pair of leopard loafers and leopard oxfords? Or the silver, ballet slipper version of Dorothy’s glitteringly magical shoes? Or motorcycle boots when I don’t own a motorcycle? Essentials.

My shoes are actually completely practical for the most part; I just tend to go through a lot of them given that my feet are my primary means of transportation. Here are few of my special shoes, plus maybe a few that I’m just a fan of:

Behold: My efforts at shooting street style a la The Sartorialist. They were failed efforts. That's why there's only two shots. 

Pair of Banana Republic stompers. I wore 'em to death last summer, but the rose gold detailing so beautiful I had to show you despite their wear and tear. 

If you haven't already gathered, I love me some leopard. These faux-ponyhair Steve Madden oxfords totally do the trick. 

As much as I stop and stare at and ogle and covert a sturdy wedge or a saucy stiletto I spend my life in flats...and usually wishing I was wearing heels instead (I have a height deficiency). These are a few of my faves. Dorothy is that you? No, it's me! In sparkly J.Crew ballet slippers! Marc Jacobs and Franco Sarto are also my lovers.

Dum, dum, un-fun but completely practical and totally worth every dollar boots. If I were to add up the amount of raindrops avoided vs. dollars spent on these rain boots they would look like the most economical purchase ever me, anyway. Hunter wellies are ubiquitous in the city, and last winter I finally bit the bullet. I followed the crowd, hopped on the bandwagon, became the lemming that jumped off the cliff. I started using multiple aphorisms in a single sentence. As as result, my feet are dry. Cliff jumping validated. 


Kris said...

Do people in NYC like having pictures taken of their feet or were you in disguise?

I LOVE the sparkly slippers...there's no place like home...there's no place like home.

Design Dork said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the leopard loafers!

Gypsy Heart said...

Please don't tell anyone...I covet those leopard loafers! Seriously, I do. I so understand about the "need" for various & sundry pairs of shoes, boots, etc. When I was working, I spent quite a bit and never regretted a single pair. People used to ask me how I matched a certain color to my outfit. I've always said, "Buy the shoes you will eventually find something to match." Of course, matchy-matchy is not a requirement at all...just happens occasionally.

Go on with your bad self! :-)


navy and orange said...

love these shoes!

xoxo navy & orange

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