Monday, July 30, 2012

Fairy Garden

A few weeks ago a I took a class on making a fairy garden. The class was fun and I loved the little garden I went home with. I selected a container that looks like a crown which somehow seemed appropriate for a fairy garden. I have the miniature garden displayed on another one of my trash pick chairs. The back of the chair is a little wobbly I guess that was why it was in the trash.


 The class was offered by a local landscape center, Pine Hill Nursery & Landscape they provided a few plants and extra materials like, moss, stones, bark, glass, shell and gravel. It was up to you to design your garden and pick extra accessories they had for sale. The garden accessories were so cute I had a hard time deciding which ones I wanted…...

Could resist the bridge, gazebo, chair, table, birdhouse and watering can. 

And how could I not pick up a pot for the moss. Then added a birdbath, wheel barrel, plus a few gardening tools. The flag and beach glass in the birdbath I added when I got home. I think every garden large or small needs a flag.

 I have yet to find the perfect fairy but I found a little bunny, see her by the bridge?

 The plant material includes: dwarf Blue Ice Plantain Lily hosta, Platt's Black Brass Buttons (under the gazebo), Coral Carpet White Flowered Sedum, Miniature Creeping Thyme, Irish Moss, mini Hens and Chicks from my garden and lots of moss. So glad I saved the tags.

The beach glass in the birdbath I collected along the shores of Lake Michigan.

I love this little garden and had so much fun creating it. I know additional fairy gardens are in my future. I can see a whole little village of them can't you? If you have created a fairy garden please give me your tips, suggestions or ideas for my next mini garden….

A special thanks to Honey at 2805 for featuring our Blackberry and Buttermilk Cake from last week!!!

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