Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall Porch

Up at the cottage we are getting ready for winter, we did one last round of fall clean up putting away the pots and furniture. Nothing like doing yard work when the temperatures are in the 30's, burrrr. Out east my blogging partner daughter Andrea is ready for the big storm scheduled to hit NYC later today. She is stocked with food, water and other needed supplies. I know I'm more nervous about the storm than she is, just hoping everyone comes thru the storm safely.

I did a simpler fall porch display this year than I did last year, something I could use into November. Bird houses grouped together and a pinecone wreath that my Mom gave me. I think she has had that wreath since the 60's.  I loved my decorations from last year but won't have time to put it all away this time.

This was the display from last year, I love that witch!  To see the full post click here, porch from 2011.

I like to use bird houses for outdoor decorating.

I turned my summer hanging basket into a little fall display.

It was sad to put away the last remains of summer but fall and winter hold their own special charm.

Hoping all our friends and family come thru the storm safely.

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