Monday, April 29, 2013

Mini Washi Tape Cabinet

Every craft room needs a stash of washi tape, the paper tape wonder from Japan. Then you need a place to stash your stash. I remembered I had this little cabinet tucked away in my closet, it would be perfect with a new coat of pink paint.

I removed the door and gave that tired blue cabinet a coat of pink Anne Sloan paint. The pink version is an improvement don't you think?

The camera is a tape dispenser that I found at Anthropolgie. 

 My growing collection of washi tape, not surprising there is a lot of pink.

This colorful little chick fits right in.

One of my inspiration boards in the background. 

Andrea gave me this box of washi tape, I think she got it from the Japanese bookstore, Kino Kuniya, in NYC. This bookstore is a favorite spot to visit when I'm visiting Andrea in New York City. One time when the Cottage Guy (my hubby) was with me I said I wanted to stop in Kino's. Great we both love bookstores, off we went to explore, I when down to the craft section. He came to find me about 5 minutes later, saying did you know all the books are in Japanese?!?! Yes I knew that, the craft books are really well illustrated. I admit I have bead books in Japanese, Korean and Russian.

I'm going on a short trip to visit Andrea later this week, I can't wait!! I hope to visit the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens this trip but not on a Monday, as I found out last time, they are closed on Mondays. Hopefully I'll get some great photos to share!

A special thanks to Nita at Mod Vintage Life for featuring Andrea's post on her succulents at her party Mod Mix Monday.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Windowsill Succulents

I like to think of myself as relatively self-sufficent, being in my twenties and having lived on my own and all for years. But there are some things that I just need my Mom for - like help not killing my plants.

My kitchen windowsill had major potential to be really cute and filled with plants, which I attempted to do with some basil, dill and other cook-y type plants. But then I killed them all. Repeatedly. It wasn't intentional, I would just sometimes forget to water them, or overwater them, or leave the window open when it's 30 degrees out.

So when my Mom was in town a few weeks ago, she swooped in to save my windowsill by introducing me to succulents a.k.a the plants you rarely have to water. The results speak for themselves.

Giant succulent plant in a giant pot. 

My raccoon candle Ricky, peeking out from behind the plants.

An assortment of fun colored pots helped make the plants pop.

Aerial views. 

The final product! Ignore my sink. 

Super cute, right? Now I just need to make sure these succulents stay alive. Otherwise, I might be needing my Mom again.

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