Monday, November 26, 2012

Faded Beauties

It is the Monday after Thanksgiving, my daughter Andrea is back in New York and I'm left to clean up the remains of the holiday. The turkey dishes need to go back in the cabinet and the trio of turkeys back in the box. Other folks are back to work and who knows cyber shopping perhaps. It seems like other bloggers have jumped into Christmas but I seem to be lingering on Thanksgiving. The bouquet of roses I had in the family room are fading but to me still so beautiful.

 OK, about right here my blogging partner daughter would tell me I have way too many pictures in this post. Sorry Andrea but it seems appropriate for the today, one holiday is fading out and another one is about to light up. I want to enjoy the last of Thanksgiving...

I think I like Thanksgiving the best because it is a holiday without the gift giving. I love to give gifts but hate the insanity of the upcoming holiday shopping. I have already shopped and wrapped gifts for the family that we anonymously adopt every holiday season, always a highlight. Now on with the festive decorating, baking, buying and wrapping…..but hopeful enjoying the upcoming holiday season.

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