Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pedal On

It is still really freaking hot out in NY. I love me some sun on my skin but this hot, hot heat has made getting around town seriously difficult these last few weeks. Going down into the subway to wait 10 minutes for the train feels like taking a second shower in a combination of other people’s sweat, sewage condensation and general humidity. Or a sauna. That’s probably a less cringe-worthy description. Sorry for that. Walking is a bit of kind of trial because I feel kinda breezy until I arrive to my destination (usually work) and find the whispy pieces around my hairline have become curly-cues and my feet are swollen in my flats. And I wear small shoes. Cabs are unaffordable for me unless I happen to be carrying luggage or (as my Dad likes phrase it) was slightly over served on an evening out (is it my fault if it was $5 for a glass of wine?). Or if I’m feeling extremely lazy. Then I cab.

So the only logical alternatives to transportation are bicycles or Vespas. Or a jet pack. (They exist now;
Tony Parker has one. It’s on my Christmas list.). Mom says: at least it is not a dog on her list again! Yes, har har. 

However these options also pose a few problems as riding a bike means riding it in the streets of New York with coconuts cab drivers and frenzied commuters. The prospect is terrifying. My friend and I tried to go for a leisurely ride along the West Side Highway one fine day and ended shopping because we’d have to ride a whopping 4 avenues and three 3 blocks in the street. Seriously, drivers are crazy. And we're chickens.

A seriously dedicated biker's seat.

As for the Vespa, I have this really nice image of myself being chauffeured around on one by a foxy foreign man wearing a scarf and speaking in an appealing accent. At traffic stops he can tell me charming anecdotes about when he used to ride his Vespa around whatever his home country is. This image usually takes place in Paris. And I look like Marion Cotillard. Needless to say this little scenario has not yet occurred.

These are for my mama. She's incapable of walking past anything pink without stopping. She's been coveting a pink scooter for ages. 


Kris said...

Your "mama" is one, classy broad!

jacky hussein said...

I love Scooter and Vespa! Dad used to have Vespa when he was really young.. How I wish I can ride it! I'm to chicken to try it out.. LoL.. Lucky we can drive here so it its really convenience.. :)

KP said...

I think a Vespa is not only cool for the city, but it would be a perfect cottage accessory, especially in the pink. I could see someone zipping down to the Farmer's Market, the plant store or even the beach! By the way, where can I get some orange duct tape?????

once in a blue moon said...

great shots, i am so not a city gal, i couldn't imagine riding in those steamy scary streets... scarved man or not~

mim said...

I know, every time that my daughter tells me that she biked home across the Brooklyn Bridge, I cringe. At least she wears a helmet.

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