Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sugar, Sugar, Yum, Yummm

So after pondering our last post for a bit, I decided it was dismissive of me to dedicate my entire half to ice cream without so much as mentioning one of my absolute favorite candy shops. So here it goes: it's Papabubble! Isn't that a cute name? The ultimate purveyor of hard candies, Papabubble sells delectable little drops of cooked sugar in bright colors and fizzy flavors like strawberry and lemon-lime. The shopkeepers (or candymen, if you will) sculpt the sugar into whimsical designs like red-and-white-striped hearts for V-day,  sandcastles for summer and sabertooth tigers just for the fun of it. I once asked them to craft a princess crown made of sugar for my friend's birthday (because how else would you celebrate a 24-year-old lady's day of birth?) and they didn't even flinch. They even had a giant candy squid in their window display for a while. It was awesome. Unfortunately, I do not have pictures of these fine masterpieces. I'm sorry for teasing you. But! I do have a few photos of one of their most popular treats - sugar drops! So look. Enjoy. If you ask nicely, I'll even send you some. 

To The 5 Boroughs - a jar of candies that the Beastie Boys would approve of. A super cute gift for new Manhattan transplants.

The Bronx, as stated. How sweet (pun-intended) are these? The writing is tiny...and my friend's nail polish is chipped. Don't judge her.


KP said...

Yum....I need some from my original hometown Borough....Queens!

Cottage and Broome said...

Thought you'd like that!

Christine said...

You take amazing photos. I love them. I really enjoyed the candy photos!

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