Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Check out our festive Fourth table!

Just wanted to share a few photos from our 4th of July celebration.

The appetizer table all set and ready to go. We mixed a new tablecloth on the bottom with a vintage on the top. Many of the pretty vintage tablecloths are small so layers is always a good idea. Inexpensive chair cushions snagged last year on sale for $5.00 each.

Since daughter was visiting the Cottage for the 4th we were able to collaborate on another project.... the Outrageous Brownies! Don't you wish you could have had one? But I won't tell you how much butter and chocolate are in these, we will have to walk miles and miles to burn these calories off.

Hope your July 4th was just as special as ours. Want to let us know what you did for the Fourth? We'd love to hear. Tell us in the comments.


KP said...

Trust was as good as it looks!

Unknown said...

OMG! Those brownies are what made this country great. Looks very welcoming. Did any mosquitos join in the fun?


Cottage and Broome said...

The brownies were great! We had a few mosquitos but the unwanted guests were the deer, they dined on the hydrangeas, petunias and geraniums. I was not happy!

Ivy and Elephants said...

I love your lovely vintage table cloths. Just the perfect touch for Fourth of July decorating! Those brownies look yummy, too.

Nancy @ Nancy's Daily Dish said...

HI again Laura,

I love the tablecloths...all of them! So pretty.

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