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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Post-Sandy Post

As my mom mentioned (and as I'm sure everyone who turned on the news in the past week and a half would know), storm Sandy tore through the right side of the nation and travelled up to the Northeast eventually hitting NYC. Fortunately, I was safely ensconced in a section of Brooklyn where everything is working except the subways. 

Without means to leave the borough (but why would you ever want to?) and get to work, I had some spare time to work on a post-Sandy post. Finally, I'm sure my partner in this blog is thinking. 

Given Sandy I thought it would be apt to write about my new jewelry hanging apparatus, which happens to be called the Fearless Hand. Something I snagged when my mom was in town treating me to a bit of shopping, we picked this limb up a home decor and jewelry shop (the name is escaping me, I'm sorry shop!) in Soho, which is sadly now dark.  

The Fearless Hand is a Buddhist Mudra or symbolic gesture. A right hand raised shoulder height with the palm facing outward and fingers outstretched to the sky. It's sometimes referred to as the Gesture of Fearlessness or the Gesture of Protection. In either case, I'm very glad I purchased and hung this pre-Sandy.  

Aside from the Buddhist meanings, which I do appreciate, I also just like hands and always need place to hang/store my jewelry aside from under my bed in a box.

I also like my hands to be dripping in gold. 

Don't mind my shower curtain in the background. It has birds. It's adorable. 

This hand wears more jewelry than I've probably ever had on my body at one time, but I think it looks great. In addition to fearlessness, I'm also going to start looking to the hand for accessorizing inspiration. It's the hand that just keeps on giving. 

Hope you all like my hand and are very safe and hopefully are not suffering too much in the wake of Ms. Sandy. 

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