Monday, May 28, 2012

I Should Have Taken My Camera!

It poured rain Sunday morning which was a good thing because we have not had rain in over 21 days. Not a wonderful thing when you are trying to get your garden going and the grass to green up. But the day cleared and the sun peaked out so we decided to take an evening stroll but it was still partly cloudy, no need for my camera.

But the sky and Lake Michigan looked glorious and I whined "I should l have taken my camera!" If my husband had a dollar of every time I said that he would be a rich man. But he is a sport and let me borrow his iPhone to snap a few photos. I was amazed how pretty they turned out, the color was not enhanced but just for fun I "framed" them. They are ready to hang on the wall don't you think?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Tea with the Queen

Happy Monday morning! I have been planting like a mad woman at the cottage all weekend. It is always a challenge gardening in northern Michigan, the season is short and the weather is wacky. It was unusually hot yesterday at 92 degrees, we rarely have those temperatures at the height of the summer, let alone May. But this morning it is 42 degrees!!! Yikes!!!

I promised in my last post, I'd chat about something other than flowers……How about tea, another favorite of mine. My blogging partner daughter, Andrea was home for a quick visit and brought me a lovely gift for Mother's Day, tea bags with famous figures from England.

Yes, tea with the Queen! She is my favorite figure in the group. This is a special year for Queen Elizabeth, she is celebrating her Diamond Jubilee this summer, marking her 60 years on the throne.

The beautiful canisters covered in Japanese papers are from Teavana. They are filled with some of my favorite loose teas like, Golden Monkey.

The tea pot and tea cup were thrift store finds. The tea pot has hosted many tea parties and has some crazing on the surface but is still beautiful.

Wish you could join me for a cup of tea but it would have to be quick, I need to get back out in the garden for more planting. And today that will require going back to jeans and a sweatshirt, it still has not moved off that 42 degrees mark!! Did you do any planting over the weekend? 

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